Jibo SDK Release Update?


Has there been any update on the release of the new SDK? Just got my little guy yesterday, so i’m eager for my side project to be teaching him new stuff!

Interesting bug?

+1 on this question. I love the idea of JIBO, and he’s fun to watch dance, but I’m ready to start developing some real applications for him!



hello guys I am a new member here)) thanks for the posts


HI George,

I would very much like to develop for Jibo, is there a way I can get a copy of the SDK?



We are happy to hear your excitement to use our developer tools to build Jibo skills.

We have been working to improve our developer tools and recently made changes to the way a skill is built to substantially increase speed and scalability as well as take full advantage of the cloud. For more information about this, please check out this post on our Jibo Developers Blog for more informaiton.

Once these new tools are released, you will be able to build skills for Jibo. We hope to get these to you as soon as possible. We will share more details and release timeframes as they become available via our Jibo Developers Blog and Developer Newsletter. Our developer forum will remain active for discussions we feel will be important to developers as they consider building for Jibo.


Are you thinking that the developer tools will be released in weeks or months? Has there been any changes in the default platform for development. (With the last SDK, the development tools were catering to the Apple platform and a lot of tools and extra RAM were needed to develop on a Windows PC; Linux was was supported.)


Without an SDK, and with the current limited functionality, Jibo is at present an impressive technical demonstration with a whole lot of potential. I guess what we are gambling on is that the potential is realized fully. Its a 900 dollar gamble…the question is do I want to stay in the game or get out while I have the chance…I have some thinking to do.


What I don’t understand is, you guys seemed to have understood in the beginning that a company of your size will make, or break, depending on your ability to engage your customers in building the product. That was the basis of the Indiegogo campaign, and the SDK that once existed. But since then you seem almost on a mission to alienate everybody that was willing to put in effort.


I have no “inside” knowledge, but I think that it’s extremely likely that the new SDK will be released before or during the upcoming “new features” unveiling in January.

Pulling support for the previous SDK suggests a radical redevelopment of the underlying deployment architechture. That is, Jibo Inc. didn’t want developers to continue developing skills that would not be compatible with new API’s, services, etc. that are in the current Jibo firmware release. I’m sure that the Jibo management know that “failure to deliver” will generate enough negative publicity that the future of Jibo would be in jeopardy.

The incremental release on Jibo: first to beta testers, then to Indiegogo backers, and then direct (Web) sales - is what in the retail trade is called a soft opening. I expect that grand opening will coincide with retail sales through national chain stores, Amazon, etc. If you think about it - Google has followed a similar strategy with their hardware products (such as Chromecast, Nexus tablet, etc.)…


I agree that it’s unfortunate that delays caused some Indiegogo backers to cancel, overseas buyers were not supported (due to latency/performance issues), and the SDK was apparently scrapped. In spite of this, many of the original backers (like myself) decided to stick it out because the technology and functionality that Jibo promoted seemed quite amazing. From a corporate perspective, there were some mistakes made - but by all appearances, the development and release is now on track. We will know for sure in the next month …


So if the SDK was scrapped are they going to refund the extra money the backers paid for it?