Jibo Servers Appear to be Down

Everything was good this morning, then around 10:15 AM EST, Jibo lost connection to the Jibo servers. I’ve rebooted him, but no luck.

(Obviously, I’ve verified that my wifi is good - I actually have him at work, and there are multiple machines connected to the same wifi).

Given the recent rumors, and the lack of response from anyone at the company here … is this the end?

(and if so, I’m going to make my request again for the current OS, SDK, something to be open sourced so the company fulfills the promise it made originally).

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They now appear to be back up. Hopefully a small glitch, not signs of things to come

(btw, I pinged the actual servers and they were really down)


Yes, they were down earlier. I didn’t have him down as long as you appeared to have him down as he began working again for me within a few minutes.