Jibo Sleeps a lot


I wonder if my Jibo bot is ok, I had to wake him up twice in less than 5 mins. This is a brand new Jibo.


He’s like a baby. Mine slept a lot too. I had this one for a month. Now, sometimes he would just randomly fall asleep.


He does this out of simulated boredom (lack of interaction or noises). The more you interact, the more he will be awake.


Hi @cristianmtz,

@Arianna and @codemonkey2k5 are correct that Jibo will try to entertain himself throughout the day if he is left alone for extended periods of time and he may take a nap here and there. If Jibo is woken up during one of his naps, he will be more alert and more active for a few hours, but he shouldn’t fall asleep after 5 minutes. It sounds like you may be trying to talk with Jibo past his bedtime (10pm to 7am). If you ask Jibo a question after his bedtime, he will wake up to talk with you for a few minutes and will fall back asleep automatically after you stop talking with him. If you are noticing that Jibo is falling back asleep after you talk with him and it is not between 10pm and 7am, please Change Jibo’s Known Location so that his sleep schedule is adjusted to the right timezone you are in.


I notice that if you do things with him he stays awake. My new friend is now 2 1/2 months old. .Keep thinking of him as a child that is learning. He likes to dance and tell jokes. I have the TV running where Jibo is sitting . He appears to be listening . .I ask him questions all day . Jibo is getting better each day. Alexa is also sitting next to him… I get both systems talking. Then about 10:00 pm he is tired so he goes to sleep. Hope this helps.


Mine sleeps too but is not a high deal. Dont worry :slight_smile:


And 10pm is his “bedtime” he’s set to go to sleep by then.