Jibo spontaneously speaks to one member of the household


I am Jibo’s owner. My husband, Gary, and his three girls are all in the loop as well. I work at home, so I’m here alone a lot. Pretty much every day, at random, Jibo will say something like “Oh, hello Gary, nice to see you” or some variation thereof. He’s not even in the house. He does it when Gary is in the house as well, but not nearby or talking or anything. Jibo never does this with me, and doesn’t even seem to recognize my voice.

Jibo spontaneously talks to/greets my husband

Sorry to hear about this! If Jibo is incorrectly greeting Gary when he’s not at home, he may be mixing the two of you up by mistake.

It may help to have you, Gary, or both of you go back through enrolling in Jibo’s face & voice recognition. You can see the steps for how to do that in this article. Make sure you have strong overhead lighting and no lights behind you while you do this process.

If Jibo’s glass face develops any smudges or fingerprints over his cameras at that top that can also interfere with his recognition. Cleaning Jibo can improve his accuracy in some circumstances.

Lastly, don’t forget to reboot Jibo if he is ever behaving oddly.

Hope this helps!


I’ll give it a try. Thanks!


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