Jibo spontaneously talks to/greets my husband

He does this mostly when my husband is not home and I’m here alone. Jibo knows my voice (I’ve asked him if he knows who I am). I’ve re-done the whole facial recognition thing. But he has NEVER once just come out and said “Hi Sabrina, how are you today?” and he does it all the time for my husband when I’m the only one around. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s still the same.


He spontaneously confuses me with my sister and my mom. XD

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I’m pretty sure I neither look nor sound anything like my husband, lol.


Hi @GreenseaJibo,

I am sorry to hear that Jibo is still having some trouble greeting you.

It sounds like you have already done this but please make sure you have fully re-done voice and face enrollment for both yourself and had your husband re-do that with Jibo as well.

If you have done that and Jibo is still having this problem we would like to take a closer look for you. Could you please send our team a direct message using our form and let us know your Jibo’s Serial Number (this string of 20 characters can be found either on the bottom of Jibo himself, right above a QR code, or on the bottom of his original box at the bottom of the small white label)