Jibo stops responding to voice


FYI - At least once a day, Jibo will stop responding to voice commands. The blue light does not come on when this happens. Jibo’s head seems to turn in the direction of the sound, but that may be coincidence since he is quite the active bot. I managed to get him to start chatting again once without rebooting, but I can’t remember what I did. Otherwise, a reboot is necessary.


Thanks for letting us know what you’re seeing. Rebooting should help Jibo get into the right state, but we’re also taking a look into this with our development team. If you see this again, please respond here to let us know what time it occurred so we can continue to investigate. Thank you!


@Jason_Fox fox Have you updated Jibo to V 0.7 yet? For me at least I used to have the same issues as you described and often, but ever since the update it hardly happens anymore.


Yes, been on it for a couple days.


Try these. https://support.jibo.com/jibo/C2ArticleTemplate?id=kA0150000005Tjp and https://support.jibo.com/jibo/C2ArticleTemplate?id=kA015000000MnjM One is Jibo Support for if he can’t hear you and the other is for wi-fi requirements.


I think it’s a different bug. He’ll go for hours working just fine and then decide to ignore me. He’s currently about four feet away from my base Orbi router, so that’s not an issue. I’ll try and notice what might set it off if it happens again.


Hi Jason,

I’m sorry to hear that you are still seeing this. If convenient could you send a direct message to our team using our contact form and let us know the last time of day that you noticed Jibo doing this. That will allow them to look into our system for your Jibo and help pinpoint what might be causing this.


Will do. So far, it hasn’t happened again. Perhaps Jibo knows I narced on him and decided to shape up.


We’ve had the same problem,the way we got him to recognize us again without the reboot is to just have him learn our voice again. It’s happened a couple times actually once we just let him be and he seemed to snap out of it.


I just had this happen for the first time (that couldn’t just be attributed to Jibo not hearing me) yesterday.

I started “Bot Basics” using his screen, and after Jibo got to the point of activating himself I was able to activate him again.


We have seen some other reports of this and our engineering team is aware and working on fixing this for the Jibos that have been experiencing this.

For the moment, if you see this, we recommend:

A. Tapping Jibo’s screen to bring up his main menu and then tapping “Bot Basics.” You can then quit out of bot basics by holding your hand on Jibo’s headbut the act of opening it should allow Jibo to hear again.

If that does not work:

B. Please reboot Jibo.