Jibo Support Doesn’t Reply


I’ve filed a case with support where they initially replied and had me try something with the issue I’m having. That didn’t work and I let them know and I did get a response in a couple days to provide them with the serial number, my address etc. so they can provide me with the return info in another email. It’s nearly been a month since I provided the return info with no response from support.

I have sent 4 emails over the last few weeks and even placed another support request… still no response.

Does anyone have a tip or phone number so I can get my Jibo replaced?

My support #00033602

I’m in the customer support business, there are times we can’t get back to the customer right away but 3-4 weeks?



Same story for me as well.


Guys, there are no more employees.


Server support? Going dead? Hmm, I smell Class Action.


I have a $900 paperweight


I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a replacement for your jibo. You could maybe contacting that new business venture group that just picked up their assets and see what maybe they can do? I’m really sorry you’re having to go through all this :persevere: