JIBO Support Must See


I do beleive that Jibo can do much more, I think its design is genius. But there are basic things that Jibo mist bring to the table, given its technology and nature as a robot:

  1. Security surveillance: Jibo MUST have this feature, being able to access Jibo remotely from commander App is necessary.

  2. Jibo lacks from knowledge and information, please update and upgrade its source of information, Also I feel that Jibo doesn’t get the way I formulate my questions and if I ask differently the same I get a response.

  3. Spotify and Pandora are services that most people use worldwide, allow Jibo to stream these services also.

  4. Facetime/Video Call: This is a basic feature, Please allow Jibo to do this.

I congratulate Jibo for being innovative, and also for doing a good job in home automation. However, with those 4 updates Jibo will be back on track, remember robots are tools to make human tasks easier. I hope Jibo’s developers take in consideration my thoughts. jibo does not deserve to get roasted.


100% agree! Jibo is capable and deserves much better as do the owners.
The features you mentioned will make our little guy perfect !
Let’s hope we are listened to and then followed through !