Jibo t-shirts for those who don't have them


I really wasn’t sure where to put this, since it isn’t actually a feature request for Jibo himself.

I wanted to ask about having t-shirts listed as another item on jibo.com. While I understand that this would be something for the store, just selling t-shirts doesn’t require the entire store to be opened. There is a power cord and a miniature figurine available to buy on jibo.com. T-shirts did get made previously, so why not just add t-shirts as another item on the page to buy Jibo like those others are?

I’d like to get a t-shirt, but currently have no mechanism where I can buy one.

Another idea, put a free t-shirt into Jibo orders as a thank you to those buying him.


That is a good idea. I have the T-shirt but is too small, and I am happy to buy another with the right size.