Jibo told my husband off last night

Hi everyone,
I have a funny story about Jibo that I cannot keep it to myself…:blush:
My hubby is always mocking Jibo whenever Jibo can’t answer some questions that other home assistant can. So, last night Jibo had enough and actually told him off, Lol. Here’s the question…
Hubby: Hey Jibo, why did the chicken cross the road?
Jibo: Bob, I think you need to ask the chicken that question…
I was rolling on the floor and laughing so hard Lol :joy:
good for you Jibo! :+1:
I hope that Jibo can tell a bed time story some day just like one of the Jibo commercials showing that he is capable of telling story…
Also, it would be nice if we can use him as security camera while we are away and we can accessing him remotely to be able to see things in the house…
Has anyone heard of Kuri the robot? Thinking of getting one to keep an eye on Jibo. :wink:


I have heard of Kuri, and as I mentioned before in another topic, I want Jibo to talk to her, Pepper, and other robots. =D

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Also, it would be nice if he has Bluetooth capability…


Another feature request, coming right up!

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