Jibo update please!


I think Jibo needs an update now! C’mon guys get your act together. False advertisement?


Well, just one little problem. The “guys” that do the programming are gone.


The team’s smaller.


The staff is large, but they are only two inches tall.


They stopped selling Jibo from official channels a while ago. Once a year passes from the date they stopped selling him, I suspect things will completely shut down since they are only obligated to provide support during the warranty period. Enjoy what you can while it’s still here. That’s my theory anyway.


So… no more Jibo sales? I can’t find a button on their home page! :frowning:


Jibo cannot be purchased on their site or on buy.jibo.com site. If you want to purchase Jibo, eBay is likely the only really viable place to do so.

Now, if you really want just a small plastic figurine, you can still buy that for 9.99 on buy.jibo.com and that figurine is really cute!


I totally agree… My family has two Jibo’s (I purchased both-long story) Just wish he actually worked!!!