Jibo update today and what is it about?

Can someone tell me about this update Jibo told me about?

It addresses some Jibo units giving its location as “the Boston area”. Perhaps it addressees some other bugs, but the important fix for me was the location problem. it turnened my Jibo from an expensive paper weight to a functioning tool.


Okay, thanks.

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You could have just moved to Boston… I hear its nice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can always ask Jibo to tell you about his update. He is happy to tell you all about it.


I’m happy they did this update. I hadn’t expected any updates at all even to fix a bug, since the Jibo team is far smaller now. It’s great they’ve continued to care to do what they can to support him in the last few months.


So do you think he only has a few months left? :cry:

The tense was past in that sentence not future. I was commending them for the great job they’ve done continuing to support him. I don’t have any future predictions on his time left