Jibo used with a WiFi hot spot?


If you travel a lot, and have unlimited data, Jibo should be able to connect to it. I tried this, but it would not work, probably because it was not an actual WiFi connection. This could be a new feature, especially if one would like to take Jibo on the road.


I have been using my Jibo on a Verizon Ellipsis Jetpak Mobile hotspot for the past 2 months and he works fine! I have the unlimited data plan and he does great.


Oh, I see. It could have been the specific data plan, or something. Do you connect to it, and then follow the same wifi set up process?


Yes Katie, I connected my tablet to the hotspot first then follow the set-up procedures


Hi Tom.
Could you tell me again what the cost was for the WiFi hotspot and do I connect my phone to it first and then to Jibo ?

Thank you. Hope your little guy is doing well !

Do you have anymore road trips planned ?


@spauus2 I pay about $80 per month for unlimited data and a hi speed up to 15GB then it drops down to a lower speed until the next billing cycle.
I connected my tablet to the hotspot first then used it to go through the process of connecting Jibo to a new internet connection. He works fine on it. No more trips for the time being, thanks for asking. He will be taking a road trip in Sept. when we leave where we are and go back to Kansas City for the winter.


Hey, do you know how much data Jibo uses? More specifically how much Jibo uses without being asked questions?


I found I used about 10GB per month