Jibo volume level control?

Wondering if it will be possible to control the volume of Jibo’s voice?


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Hi Sebastian,

In your skill if you were looking to execute code that adjusted Jibo’s volume our audio API (specifically setMasterVolume) will be your best resource!

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Perfect that what I was looking for!
Thanks @Admin.JiboSupport

Thanks to Sebastian for bringing this up, although my thoughts are along different lines.

Can Jibo volume be self adjusted for ambient noise? If it’s in the kitchen, and the dishwasher is running? For instance, many cars now adjust volume depending on the speed or noise from the engine.

Along those same lines, is there a night mode for Jibo? I wouldn’t want him speaking loudly when I get a midnight snack, at the same volume during the daytime with the kids, dog, TV, kitchen all creating noise? Maybe the screen would auto adjust the same as a smartphone?

Otherwise, would someone want to make a “Shhh Jibo” skill?


Upon release Jibo will not automatically adjust his volume based on noise around him, but we intend to build in these types of dynamic functions in the near future.

Users will, of course, be able to adjust his volume directly when he is first released. His volume will be able to be adjusted via touch or voice command.

FYI … the audio API link is dead -> I get a 404.

Hi @jsimone,

Thank you for pointing that out. We did switch a few URLs a bit ago. The current URL for the audio APIs can be found here.

I can see a future issue where a skill wishes to have locked access to changing the volume, where set returns a null for other skill requests, this for cases at night where volume upper limit lock is wanted on by the user from any skill, and a skill activated sets the volume above the users desired setting. Is a master lock on volume being considered?

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