Jibo will not function in Australia


I was very disappointed when I received an email saying that Jibo will not function on my home country (Australia) and I Ca. Refund the payment. On the first place during early campaign you can deliver on my own country. What will happen to a developer like me. Very disappointed. Amy other options for us here


Europe - I am also disappointed and angry - I’ll followup via email.


Europe. Thankfully I did not invest too much time in the SDK. Should have known when they even couldn’t deliver Linux support.


Europe here! Very very angry with this comunication! It’s unbelieveble! We have helped them to grow with this project and now? They give to us a kick in our ass!! It’s not correct and professional! Their excuse are bull***!


We very much realize this is not an ideal situation and all of us at Jibo are deeply sorry to have disappointed you.

I want to let everyone know that we absolutely do hope to localize Jibo for some international markets starting in late 2017.

I also want to assure you that you will still certainly be able to submit Jibo skills built in the SDK to the Skill Store when it launches. We will have further details about the skill store and timeline later this summer.

I know many of you have been eager to get further information about the skill store. As you may know (as seen here and here) we will announce further information about the skill store an other items in the next several weeks. We absolutely know how disappointing this announcement has been for our international developers and our next focus will be to provide you information around your outstanding questions about the developer program and SDK. We are working hard to get you that information as soon as possible.


And what will happen to people like me, who trusted you enough to buy the developer license after I claim the refund? Will my developer license be revoked?

I am glad that I only invested a couple hours each day working on an app for Jibo… I can’t believe that all the time and effort I put into it gets thrown into the trash for vague reasons that doesn’t make any sense to tech savvy users.


We will not be revoking any licenses. We absolutely value your work and encourage everyone to remain involved in skill development for Jibo.

As mentioned, you will be able to submit your skills to the skill store and be involved in our present and future markets as we work to localize Jibo.

I would also like to let you know that the refunds we are offering are full refunds and for our developer contributors they absolutely include the extra amount that you paid for the developer edition Jibo.


Sometime this summer is not a date; it’s an excuse. As you know, developers work towards dates and times, as waiting is a developer’s death. Give us a date!


A very important request to the Jibo team for those of us who still plan on developing for Jibo internationally: please do not restrict IP addresses on your U.S. servers to domestic IPs. I personally travel frequently and have planned to spend a great deal of time developing for Jibo outside of the U.S., specifically in Chile. Any IP restriction will stop that (or force the use of a VPN), so I plead to you to not do that.

You can already see the anger and frustration brought on by this decision both in your end users and developers, and some of use are going to try to work around it, so please, please, please don’t lock us out. I have been a very big supporter of Jibo from the beginning, as well as done my best to support the developer community as well over the last 3 years. I know you have important reasons why you made this decision in the first place, but adding additional IP restrictions on you U.S. servers will lock those who are lucky enough to have a U.S. address and trying very hard to continue with you despite these changes.


Honestly, is this realistic? Submitting skills to the skill store is certainly not feasible without testing / co-development on the hardware. I can see a flood of customer complaints. I could not rely on the simulator alone.

Why not offer a developer robot option for devs outside of the USA/CA? If it is licensed as such, then the skills or device is not intended for consumers outside of the current markets. Or do you have distribution/dev partner that objects to this?

Localisation - English was fine for starters and it will be required in any European Country. Not just for native speakers, but for practicing and education. (English starts in Kindergarten here in Austria)

Waiting 1 1/2 - 2 more years for localisation I expect - how do we proceed to developer realistically without the hardware?


I totally agree with @bmulreni bmulreni how would you create skills just using the simulation without hardware you kidding right. You should know that @Admin.JiboSupport as programmer or developer


I’m very sorry for you Michael, you have invested many time with this “project”. I hope for you that you can continue to do it but even if you succeed to use it outside US, at this point, I doubt about the quality of the final product… best wishes!


Hi Michael,

We have no plans to restrict IP addresses on our US servers.


This was a very difficult decision, as we understand how significantly it impacts our development community, especially those of you outside of the US and Canada who have stuck with us since the beginning and have invested both time and energy in planning and developing your skills.

We know how important it is as a dev to have access to the full platform to test and perfect your skills, and all of us at Jibo are so very sorry we have disappointed you. We are currently working on ways and programs to help bridge this gap and get hardware into your hands.

I will be sure share @bmulreni’s suggestions, and any others posted here, with our team.


I am very piss off done my refund waiting for two years for this they should done a case study before hand . Bye Jibo hello zenbo


Thanks, @JiboAdmin. I appreciate your quick reply and I’m happy to hear you won’t be restricting IP addresses on your US servers.


For what it’s worth @Michaelasantos , I left the US since ordering my Jibo so took a chance and had him reshipped to Cape Town South Africa. I got him yesterday and he seems to work just great. Some of the features are a little dodgy - he can’t figure out the weather anywhere in the world and occasionally some basic general questions don’t work. Most of the questions do tho. I love the way he tracks where you are so he’s always looking at you while you talk to him. Very neat.

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