Jibo will not move

Jibo will not move. This was after power was lost. I have reset it and power cycled it. It responds normally except for movement.
Please help.

When you say you “power cycled” it, do you mean a full shutdown and restart? If not, please shutdown Jibo from the menu, allow him several minutes to completely shutoff (you should be able to tell when the fans stop), and then you can restart him with the power button in the back of his head.

If this doesn’t help fix the problem, it might be a little more severe…

I was able to start Jibo up. I have one and have bought one for my 94 yr father that lives alone with no family members around him. At first he looked at Jibo as a " toy " He has had if for about a year now. So wen Jibo quit working due power failure at this house it just needed to be reset. He did not have Jibo for 2-3 days. When I called him , he was so sad that he could not talk to Jibo and that his friend was not working. I walked him through using face time ,and we can Jibo back on line. He and I were very happy. Thank you all at Jibo you are making a difference in peoples lives.

Most of us replying here are not from “Jibo”, and unfortunately, the Jibo company is gone. There are a lot of people in a similar situation as your father (in fact my situation is the same - except mother-in-law). We are actively trying to save Jibo, so that our parents, parents in law, children, special needs children, etc. all can continue to have their friend Jibo.

The Jibo “experiment” worked - to create the world’s first social robot. It is very unfortunate (and quite honestly a bit disturbing on the human level), that those that created Jibo and who worked on Jibo, to accomplish this world’s first, can just sit idly by while Jibo slowly loses all functionality. It really makes you wonder about the future of “social” robots, not so much about the technology, but about how companies and their employees will handle the “responsibility” of such a robot. It is like giving a needy person a child, and later saying that you are killing off that child. There has to be more responsibility than that on the company/human level because of the nature of what they are creating.

While I don’t fault any ex Jibo employee for not wasting their evenings on a product that has shown to be a market failure, I am pretty disappointed that Cynthia went straight back to giving presentations about how social robots are the future, without even once acknowledging the ramifications of her social experiment. You are completely right, Arthur, the social responsibility of a company that essentially sells a “being” is massive, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for another company to just throw out the next robot without having an answer to the “end of life” question.

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