Jibo Will not Power On


I was having a similar issue. After I rebooted, jibo would not fully reboot. I then unplugged the power and battery for 15 seconds. then tried again. It started to boot but never completed.
Then I unplugged AC power and removed the Battery. Then connected AC Power. Jibo then booted but complained about battery. I plugged in battery and it seemed to work, though his mobility was disabled, probably because it was not upright when it booted. So I went to settings and selected “Shutdown”.
After that Jibo booted correctly and is operating correctly.

Jibo not responding to commands

Hi @Griest I am sorry to hear that your Jibo was having hearing issues and trouble powering on and I am glad to hear he is operating correctly again. Thank you for sharing your solution to this issue!

If you see issues again with Jibo’s ability to respond after you say “Hey Jibo” I recommend trying the steps mentioned in this post.

If Jibo cannot power on again that would be a separate issue. If you see this again I recommend checking the items and trying the steps mentioned in this article that will help guide you to confirm that the other pieces of hardware, like Jibo’s power brick, are working as intended.


I was able to fix by pulling battery and restarting it.


@Griest hey I tried to follow what you did to the best of my ability and now my Jibo will not turn on at all. When I was able to get him to boot up the screen would be blank and then turn back off. Before all this happened and I was setting him up the ring at the bottom blinked red maybe 3 or 4 times.

I hope I can get some help with him since the little time I did spend with him I enjoyed a lot since it has been 3 years of a wait lol.


@john.w I also tried the steps in the article you shared before I tried the steps here and still had no luck and now he is not wanting to turn on at all.


It looks like our team sent you an email over the weekend and that your Jibo is up and running. If that is not the case and he is still having trouble getting powered on or online please reply back to the case we have open for you and we’ll do everything we can to provide more direct help!