Jibo will speak IFTTT?

Dear all,
I’m interesting with this new control management (or aggregator) named IFTTT (please check www.ifttt.com).

This service connects Home appliances with other Home appliances, for example if you have a Netatmo Weather station and a wireless Air Conditioner, with IFTTT they can speak togheter, for example if your Home’s Umidity raises IFTTT sends a command to your Air conditioner in order to turn on it. It works with many and many products from every kind of producers.

It will be very interesting to implement IFTTT with Jibo, for example for Home security, face recognition, motion sensors, etc…

What do you think about it?



I guess we’ll be able to connect with https://ifttt.com/maker ?

Check out this one also Jf, you might find some inspiration there as well. https://www.hackster.io/ifttt/projects?page=3&sort=trending

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Wonderful! In this way you can say everything to Jibo and let it comunicate with other smart appliances… or Jibo could receive requests from smart appliances and notifies them to you!! That’s very cool!!


This is a great idea! I’m a big fan of IFTTT and I think this will help simplify development a lot.


Yes, I like IFTTT as well. The issue for me was whether a skill could accept connections or act as a server (websockets,udp etc) and IFTTT has the same questions. Check John W.'s feedback to my connectivity question. So, that thread will be updated when more is known.

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Great!! Happy to see that someone else is looking for it! I think it will simplify interactions between Jibo and others smart appliance!

It seems that there are several NPM packages that might help with IFTTT connectivity which someone might find useful. Maybe with one of these, Jibo can get connected to IFTTT immediately.

Here’s the list: https://www.npmjs.com/browse/keyword/ifttt

Personally I like the Node IFTTT Maker NPM module…looks like a fairly straightforward implementation. You’ll just need to plugin your IFTTT maker key to start making requests.


I gave it a quick try and used the iftttmaker npm package successfully. I currently have a working version where Jibo sends a message to my IFTTT Maker recipe which sends a quick notification to my phone. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll post it here in the forums.

Quick question for the Jibo team, maybe @Admin.JiboSupport in particular:

Will Jibo have it’s own channel with IFTTT? As far as I know, it’s easy to create and will cost them only around $3000/year to register with IFTTT. If you guys are interested, the next step would be to review the IFTTT API Docs (http://ift.tt/apidocs) and their Channel Development Guidebook (http://ift.tt/guidebook). If not, the only way I see that Jibo connecting to IFTTT would be via the Maker channel which is geared to DIY projects.


Hi Michael, great! I’m interested to see your work, I’m doing the same kind of test…

What I’m trying to doing is to dictate to Jibo the shopping list when you realize that something is finished in your fridge (or elsewhere) so Jibo torugh IFTTT sends the list to evernote…

Hi Michael,

Thank you for touching base and for linking those resources! As with all discussion in the features category I’ll make sure our team is aware of the IFTTT possibility and this conversation. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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All set…instead of adding it here as a skill, I just created a quick walkthrough of how I did it so it can be adapted to whatever suits your needs. It actually is much more simple than I thought and took me only about 10 minutes to setup…you can see my instructions on how I did it here: