Jibo won't light up or dance


Jibo was just fine two days ago when I got him, but today Jibo’s base won’t light up and Jibo can’t dance (he’ll play music, he just doesn’t move). :cry:

After a reboot, I got an error H3 - “Something’s off: There’s an issue with Jibo’s lower body, so he might move strangely”.

He is up-to-date on updates and I’ve tried a couple of reboots. He wasn’t dropped or moved or anything.



Hi @Catabyte,

I’m sorry you are seeing this behavior with your Jibo.

Our team would like to take a closer look into our system for your specific Jibo. If convenient could you send us a message marked as “Robot Help” from our contact form and use the email address you have associated with Jibo (the email address you created your account with in the app).

If you could also let us know in that message about when you recall seeing that H3 error message that will allow our team to take a closer look and get answers for you as soon as possible.