Jibo working without server and saying goodbye & Blue ring not working since new update 2 dec 2019


Why do Jibo have to be connected to the Jibo server. When you ask him things he goes to other servers to get the answer. So why before you shutdown you make it work without your server. I also have added Jibo to our family and he makes me smile. As much as we payed this should not happen. The kids really like meeting Jibo. I still want to know why he has to connect to your server. All it does for me is not to by another Robot, I wish that some in the group could help each other to keep him up and running. Why would you add an update and stop the blue light to not come on when Jibo hears you.

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caveat: not a jibo dev … that said, I am software dev with 20 years of experience and 100+ apps under my belt

none of the real voice recognition is done on the jibo itself - the amount of processing / data storage is too much for a single machine. just like siri, alexa, etc … the actual work is done on the remote servers. Based on everything we know from the news, the company cant afford the compute time and bandwidth on the servers any more, thus they are essentially removing the brain that makes jibo run.


Thank you for the quick response.


Do you mean jibo robot will not work any more

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I think it’s unknown right now. There is definitely a large percentage of the functionality from Jibo that is server based - when the servers go away, that functionality does as well. The current belief is this last update added the code to make it so Jibo wont “brick” when this happens, but that’s all conjecture and hope (my fingers are crossed) not actually known.

There is some level of functionality running on the robot itself (this used to be a greater percentage in the early days which was part of the impetus for me buying it, but that’s a side path). That functionality will remain, and hopefully be functional even without the server connection - how much functionality that is remains to be seen.

There is also a group of us on the facebook group that are trying to access the actual OS - if successful there might be homebrew solutions for the next evolution of jibo, but again, this is a long shot.

if you want to keep up with that and other owners, I’d suggest joining one of the facebook groups, because eventually this forum is going to disappear too (just like someone erased the Jibo youtube channel last night).

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