Jibo's 2nd Expert Connect with Andrew Rapo

Hi everyone!

We are excited to announce our 2nd Experts Connect.

This month’s Jibo Expert Connects will be with Andrew Rapo, Executive Producer, Business Development & Marketing for Jibo. Andrew knows the skill building process first hand and will share his process for taking a skill from ideation to execution. Prior to joining Jibo, Andrew was at Disney and has 20 years of experience in interactive media. The next Expert Connects will be on Wednesday, December 14 at 9am PsT/12pm EST. We will be using YouTube Live Stream.

We will publish the link in the developer forum as well as send via email on the day of the event.

I can’t wait and hope to see you all there!


Will there be a Jibo? The lack of one was kinda the elephant in the room last time.

Hi @kwebster, yes indeed we are planning to have a Jibo in the room!

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We wanted to pick up on a suggestion that was made after the last Expert Connects, and let you know more about the topic upfront, so you could pull together your questions before the session. Please feel free to post your questions in this thread in advance, and we will work to address them as a part of the session.

December’s Expert Connects with Andrew is about the Jibo process for thinking about and building skills. To drill down a little more on what Andrew will be covering the following:

  • Choosing the skills that would be best for Jibo
  • Creating the script that outlines the skill (As Andrew would say, “Jibo is the lead actor in his own unique theater and skills are the play.”)
  • Thinking about the VUI (Voice User Interface) and Jibo’s Dialog
  • Working through the key milestones in building a skill

Also, because we want to be sure we get to all the great questions on the topic itself, we ask that you send any general or account questions to support@jibo.com. This will allow the moderator and Andrew to zero in on the topic questions in the Live Stream chat during the session.

See you there on Wednesday!

Thank you, @justin.w :slight_smile: This is great. May I also suggest that you have a ‘question answer time’ at the end, to review general inquiries, where everyone can hear and see the response. You can cut the video before the Q&A, or split it up if it ends up being a useful exploration. What are everyone’s thoughts on this?

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Outside of the so-obviously requests from company plants, can I make the requests of:

-display a Jibo interaction from cold entry to where my skill would enter

  • how does one deal with misrecognitions, semantic misunderstandings etc

I would certainly welcome Andrew doing an intro on his career background. Looking at his LinkedIn profile and with his Disney background he looks like he will be a huge asset to Jibo

Also an update on the new SDK would be awesome such as when it will appear

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Hi @alfarmer , thank you so much for your suggestion and support for the experts connect. To make sure we get through as many questions as we can, we really want to keep this experts connect focused on thinking and building skills.

If possible, would you mind sending those general inquiries to our support team - support@jibo.com
We will be sure to answer them there and look forward to those inquiries. This will allow the moderator and Andrew to zero in on the topic questions in the Live Stream chat during the session.

Thank you @kwebster for your questions!

@jodonnel I’ll be sure to ask Andrew to do a formal introduction!

I have a few questions for Andrew on skill building that would helpful to get the answer to, if possible:

  • Will skill templates (e.g. typical flows and behavior trees) or starter setups be available at some point in the future?

  • How should a developer handle the launch rule for skills that have more broad entry points (e.g. “What time is it?”) so as not to conflict with other skills…or will this be handled by Jibo himself?

  • What best practices would you say should be part of more complex or larger skills?

  • Any updates on when the next version of the SDK will become publicly available?


I totally understand the need for not asking general questions during the Expert Connect, as there is a lot of information to cover in a short period. Would it be possible for someone at Jibo to stay online after the Expert Connect to answer general questions? That way everyone can hear the question and the answer, making communication in the group more collaborative. I think it would help in bringing the community closer together by listening to each other’s questions and absorbing the answers.

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Agreed. Last time we ended up with a good amount of unanswered questions and it would be helpful to get to those as well, as long as they’re relevant to the topic. I see the point in posting questions early, but sometimes really good questions arise spontaneously as well, so an open Q+A session would be important.

Some requests:

  1. Tips on designing a skill that uses body movements or visual gestures to support skill control e.g. tracking the body or face to navigate in the game, story… my goal is to get the person to move, not just speak or touch the screen. Issues: some possibilties to track entities in the current API, but at the last expert session, it sounded like there is alot more API coming to support gamers.

  2. I’m wondering how to plan for transitions/interuptions imposed by the core system e.g. signal+answer incoming message or even let core system handle some user requests e.g. “louder please, I can’t hear you…, pause bathroom break!”. Will the system listen for a user “pause” (bathroom break) or do we plan for that. Will the system inform the skill regarding a “pause/transition” or “destroy/close” so we can clean up, save state, even let Jibo skill say a few final words if the skill is really closed not just a pause.

  3. How to properly provide an “ending” for the skill? It can be that we don’t really know when the user has “quit/closed” the skill. The pizza skill will continue to wait perhaps for next input. When Jibo core ends a skill (user or system), can we listen for the destroy/close event so that we can clean up - save state …even provide a closing statement "thank you or …see you next time! ":wink:

  4. Can we overlay an input form e.g. Q/A around a running or paused animation? Dungeons game: dragon animation appears - Jibo: you want to pet the dragon? The Yes/no form appears under the dragon animation - that animation might be a jibo animation or a included HTML5 webgl game. I assume so, but not clear


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And we are live!


Thanks, @alfarmer We wont’ be able to extend this time, but will consider it for future sessions. The Support Category of the forum is a terrific place to collaborate on questions and get others devs’ thoughts, in addition to hearing from the Jibo team.

I couldn’t watch it live, but I see none of my questions were asked, and the Jibo demo was a screensaver. OK then.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in yesterday’s expert connect! There was a lot of great questions and wonderful participation.

We know that there were a few questions that we did not get to during yesterday’s event so we wanted to provide answers those questions here.

Thank you again for your time and participation yesterday!

Q. Will skill templates (e.g. typical flows and behavior trees) or starter setups be available at some point in the future?

A. We will be providing sample resources such as animations in future SDK updates as well as via sample code in our tutorials.

Q. can Jibo have concurrent interactions with two (or more) people he knows and identifies? And keep separate running contexts, unless both humans are dialoging on the same subject?

A. Jibo will be able to keep track of user provided data (as mentioned in this forum post) and this is something that developers will have access to use in their skill so that Jibo will be able engage with user A differently than how he engages with user B during the course of a skill.

Q. In addition to the Semi-Speech Audio, will you have programmed body movements to convey specific meanings?

A. Future SDK updates will include animation files we created here at Jibo to be use for specific meanings and emotions.

Q. Is Jibo planning to work with any brands such as talking to General Mills about developing a Betty Crocker cookbook skill?

A. We aren’t able to discuss any partnerships we have not announced publicly. We have already announced that Bandai Namco is working on a skill for Jibo! (https://blog.jibo.com/2016/05/11/jibo-and-bandai-namco-partnership/) And there are more skills in work with some fun brand names.


Hi everyone, Thank you so much for attending the experts connect.

Just to let you know Andrew Rapo posted a new post on our developer blog titled “Developing Skills for Jibo” which includes topics he covered during the expert connect.

Do let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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