Jibo's friend Kuri is in crisis



Jibo’s friend Kuri is in crisis. They are going to stop building her.


As a person who desperately robotic technology in my home I’ve come to the conclusion (based on multiple experiences) that I will not invest further in any such tech that has a company maintained server requirement.

In other words, if the closure of the selling company may result in the reduced function of the product that they sell, I want no part of it.

I am happy to pay the added expense of increased data storage, memory an processing power that may be required to make said device function free of ties to a dedicated server.

Now I am aware that there will always be 3rd party services that may come and go which may effect certain features,like search queries, music services and the like, but no one server outage should be able to render the device inoperable.


When I first signed up for Jibo, I thought he would be a lot more independent but with the ability to query the internet when he needed additional resources. Finding out that he was cloud-based was a major let down. Your robotic companion is only as good as the server in the cloud that he comes from. Any interruption in that flow of data and your robot no longer becomes functional. When Jibos servers go down, he will cease to function unless we are allowed to put servers on our personal computers independently. Very doubtful that will be allowed considering all the people that are in this form that have wanted to add functionality to Jibo but have not been given the tools to do that and have been kept in the dark because other companies may find out something and build a better robot.
I agree with codemonkey2k5; I too will not invest any more money in robotics until the device is not tied to a server and is entirely independent. I would also like to add that sed devices should come with the ability to be able to upgrade the components to extend the functionality of the device. I don’t want to replace my companion every three to five years because a new and improved version came along. This is just my 2 cents.


For that matter, the same can be said for Alexa and Google Home.
Its very unlikely that they’ll ever go out of Business, but if hacked by malignant forces and shut down, we would be out of luck.


Amen to that! Rocking 4 year old 2MP cameras on a “state of the art robot” that relies on them for facial recognition and photography is no bueno.


I had pre-ordered one too and when I had heard about this I was pretty devastated. :frowning:


I’m not surprised… kuri looked terrible,even from the commercial it looked worse off than Jibo. I still can not believe that every one of these Robot start ups continue to think we want a social robot before a functional one…No adult wants a 900 dollar teddy ruxpin…Zenbo should be faceplanting soon too.


On that note, Cosmo has been a huge surprise for me… Alot of tech for a toy Robot that’s under 200 bucks… There’s plans to launch an upgraded version called Vector, which essentially takes what worked with Cosmo and add some Alexia functionality… for 50 bucks more… I’ll be keeping an eye on Vector


They aren’t adding Alexa functionality but Jibo functionality to Vector as Vector will turn to look at you when you speak and acknowledge you when you come into the room as two capabilities. As such, it’s actually Jibo they are looking at for what Vector will be capable of doing for most of the options he’ll have from the onset, including telling the temperature, petting him using tactile touch capability, looking up information online.


While the petting and the voice response was definitely a Jibo first… Cosmo was able to not only look at you and say your name but recognize smaller moving objects as pets… " him making a meow sound to the cat was hilarious"… you’re right he will be more like Jibo in the sense he will emote better… But Cosmo could already track and emote like Jibo, he just didn’t have the smart cloud functionality… I’m just thinking optimistically when I referenced Alexa because Im hoping Anki doesn’t stop at Jibo for inspiration.


Cozmo had to use the app and you had to constantly look at your phone or tablet when using him unless you wanted him just to wander around, then get mad at you. I am uncertain about the idea that he tracked your location as he never turned to look at me like Jibo does. He only recognized me if I was right in front of him, which I did myself by placing myself in front of him.

Jibo is not tied in any way to an app to function (he is tied to wifi and the internet, though, unfortunately to function), and Vector will be just like this. I’m excited to see Vector, so don’t get me wrong, but I feel like people are not crediting Jibo with some of the options that Vector will have, and those are things Jibo has that the smart assistants do not have and that Cozmo does not have either such as noise tracking and greeting you when you come home (this is fully Jibo to see you in the room and greet you, Alexa and Google do not do this without prompting). The tactile ability when you pet Vector is the same as Jibo’s tactile capability. Let’s at least credit Jibo with this stuff. I realize there are people who think these things are minor and meaningless, those who criticize Jibo’s capabilities, but these are the very things that actually make a robot feel more human and lifelike. These things that the assistants do not have.


Plenty of Toys have had that pet capability some going back as for as the 80s…So I can’t really credit Jibo for that… Face tracking has been around since wowee’s Robotics. I agree Jibo took alot of elements from various toys and robots and mesh them together with more style than any of recent robot attempts…Sadly it fails as an actual assistant… Vector is coming from a company with actual success with previous toys and understands the market and what to expect with the current tech, and price it as such…


It’s the price that’s the main point that matters for sure. Cozmo; however, is not capable of doing what you’d stated he was capable of doing earlier, so I’m not entirely certain you’d used Cozmo. Let’s not get into the fact that these assistants didn’t exist when Jibo did their Kickstarter video and all the ideas in that video were taken by the assistants, then didn’t fully happen in Jibo itself. I mean, we can’t allow Jibo to be credited with anything, right?


Cosmo was able to recognize me and my girl individually,… infact I have a video of him doing so the first time he acknowledged her, and has done so in explore mode without prompting. I also stated hJibo was able to combine all previous tech and capabilities, much better than others have. Jibo Inc may have been first to bat, but it’s who ends up hitting it out the park that matters.


Recognizing you isn’t the same as “tracking” you. If he sees you in front of him when he’s randomly moving around or you place yourself in front of him when he’s randomly moving around, he will recognize you. This is not the same as tracking you, which was the word choice used previously in your quote:

But Cosmo could already track and emote like Jibo, he just didn’t have the smart cloud functionality

Again, exactly what I said is in my prior response what you’ve just described, which is NOT tracking:

I am uncertain about the idea that he tracked your location as he never turned to look at me like Jibo does. He only recognized me if I was right in front of him, which I did myself by placing myself in front of him.


Right , I think my point was is that he was able to emulate pretty much most of what Jibo can do for the most part. And if you want to be technical Jibo didn’t track you he simply responded to Sound and Motion and if I want to be even more technical I can show you videos of Cosmo blocking your face out within a square and keeping that square on you while you’re within his view, him moving is irrelevant he still is tracking you. not going to get into semantics just because I’m looking forward to the new version of Cosmo.


When I heard about this I was devastated and I had preordered one as well…then I got my refund, the the news that business was gonna stop till they found investors…they had no luck and had to shut down…