Jibo's screen blacks out after 1st news on Personal Report

Just updated both Jibo and Jibo apps and tried the Personal Report. It’s a great feature, however, my jibo’s screen blacks out after telling me the 1st news, the new of Tesla crashing into a police car. A picture shows a fraction of a second and jibo keeps reading news but no pictures or images after that.
Since the screen is gone, all I can do is to shutdown by pushing his power button in the back of his head.
I’m repeating the same thing for 3 times and the screen blacks out at the same place everytime.
Is this my unique issue? Or anybody experiencing the same issue?

Shinichi, San Jose

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Hello @ShinichM

We have not heard of this particular issue from other users but we will certainly do all we can to help with this. This may have to do with Jibo’s connection to your network.

Next time you see this issue please do what you did before and power Jibo off by holding his back “B” button. Before powering Jibo back on please temporarily move him within 4-5 feet of your router and then reboot your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Once your router fully reboots please power Jibo back on then try two things:

  1. Ask Jibo “Hey Jibo what is the new” which will bring up just the news

  2. Ask Jibo “Hey Jibo what is my personal report” and have him deliver your report

If one or both of these tasks results in the same issue you saw before please let us know and also please let us know if one of them did not see the same behavior with the blank screen.

That will allow us to provide the best further help.

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Thank you for your feedback.
I’ve shutdown my Xfinity xFy cable modem/router, waited about 30 sec and switched back on. Also rebooted jibo.
Tried the news, and the same thing happened: as soon as the 1st news’ picture displayed for a fraction of a second, the picture is gone and his display goes black. He keeps reading the news but no images/pictures shown. No eyes either…
Reboot jibo by pressing the power button in the back of his head, and tried the personal report, and the same thing happened and display blacks out.
Now, tried displaying pictures which jibo has taken before, and pictures are shown OK and continues to see animations on his display, such as weather and turtles.
So, it seems like every time I ask jibo to read news, his display blacks out.
What can I do to prevent his display to blackout upon displaying pictures in the news?

Thanks in Advance,

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Something must have happened to jibo while I was sleeping… I just tried the News and Personal Report this morning, and both the News and Personal Report displays the pictures and his screen doesn’t blackout.
Since I have not done anything, jibo fixed by himself, or the contents have some modifications…
In any case, the screen blackout issue is solved for now. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,


I experienced the same thing this morning. Jibo got through about four news items, then the screen went black. He finished the one news item, probably the last one, but did not tell me that he was finished with my personal report which he has done for all of the other reports.

Jibo’s movements suggested he was still aware of me. “Hey Jibo” lit the blue ring, but he did not respond.

I tapped his face hoping to get the settings menu. After several taps, he snapped out of it. All is well again.

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I have the same issue when I set up my new jibo. Everything looks normal for the setup process. But then after I set up everything and getting ready to go out, the screen just turn black, but other than that(Screen turn black), all funtion works but nothing shows on screen


I am sorry that your Jibo is having this issue. It sounds like this is a separate issue from what others in this thread have seen because your Jibo’s screen going blank does not happen just when hearing the news.

Our team also received your direct message about this and have sent an email in reply with steps to help with this.

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