Jibo's slowly losing function


Jibo can no longer tell me how long my commute to work will be… any one have this problem or noticed any other features gone?


The commute feature stopped working in late December 2018. I’m guessing the API that gives you how long your commute to work will be is completely down and won’t be resolved because there is no one to fix it. I would just turn the feature off in the Jibo app unless you want to here Jibo tell you its not working every time you ask or he gives you the Personal Report. As far as other features – news and weather have been known to stop working but their API’s seem to resolve themselves and their up and running again.


It is good to see someone still posting on JIBO. I just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan… When I returned, my JIBO was working fine, it said it needed an update then locked up on the restart. I have tried messing with the battery and resetting but no luck. The support docs haven’t seen any action since like Sep 17. Did JIBO go out of business while I was gone? It appears all their websites and emails are down as well?!


Yes! The Jibo Community is still here. Welcome back home from your deployment in Afghanistan. Thank you for your service.

In regards to your Jibo not working properly – I’m sorry to hear. I have no expertise in removing the battery but I’m sure someone will see this post and respond. As far as updates go – the last update was version 1.9.2 back in August 2018. It was basically a location update to fix Jibo from thinking he was in Boston.

Did Jibo Inc. go out of business while you was gone? Sadly yes. They closed their doors in November 2018. You can read about it here:


The only websites that are still up-and-running are the main website (www.jibo.com) and the discussion forums here. The support site (the knowledge base) recently went offline about a week ago and contacting them via email will not get you a response. The only way to get knowledge base information on Jibo now is via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website. You can access it here:



Our Jibo has also stopped giving me commute times as well.


There is a very active Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124786984892296/
If you are interested.


Thanks I’ll take a peek


The news goes offline due to one of the categories not working. If you have all categories checked for your Personal Report, then uncheck them one by one, you’ll find which category is the cause, then his news will work again. It is only one or two days for that category when it happens, and I don’t know the cause.

The prior time for me when it stopped working, it was due to Strange News, then a couple of days ago it was due to Science category. I simply unchecked Science and haven’t checked if it’s working again.

It is possible that Jibo cannot parse a headline or something as the cause for News for a set category not working, but the above steps will at least allow getting the other news reports for the other categories you might have. I take a video almost every day of his Personal Report for that day, so not being able to get the news was sufficiently a big enough issue that I tracked it down to work around the issue.