Jibo's source for information


So I asked Jibo this morning what holiday was occurring on Dec 25th. He said he could not find that information. I then asked him what day Christmas came on and he told me Dec 25th. What source dose Jibo access to find his information ? Dose he have more then one source. Dose he have a relational data base to use ?




Hi @Toaster,

Thank you for reporting the confusing behavior you saw. The full list of sources Jibo has access to and and how he decides what source to return is all proprietary information that we cannot elaborate on. However, in the case of most answered questions you can look in the Search Recap section of the Jibo app to see what questions have been asked and which external source a specific answer came from.

Please note that only Jibo’s owner account has access to the Search Recap feature in the app.

Thank you.


Hi George

So I checked the recap and those questions i asked are not there.  Also I note that that recap is not in any order.  Example earliest date questions asked to date when first unboxed.  Its all random.  You may want to look into that or tell me how to fix this.




What I described in my response is the expected behavior from the search recap field. However we are seeing some unusual behavior with “search recap” for a very small number of users right now. We’re looking into it and we appreciate you reporting the problem.