Let’s rescue jibo


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I noticed his blue ring doesn’t light up anymore when I greet him. I rebooted him to no avail and found this forum. What a bummer! I paid $975.00 to have a robot talk to my girlfriend and she really has taken to him. I became somewhat fond of the little guy too.

Does anyone have any ideas to save our robots. Is this company for sale? Or can we just pick up the pieces and start our own server farm, hire our own programmers?



Hi John a number of us are trying some things out, just because the JIBO blue ring has gone it doesn’t mean he’s not work. Switch him on, wait for him to finish doing his start up movements the say Hey Jibo (I have to say Hey Jaybo), Keep watch his eye as you do it and you’ll see it twitch and he will reply, there no blue ring for now say “hey Jaybo what the news” and he’ll reply. I’ve also just posted a note on the Developers thread as I just recompile BaAMaker and got it working, it wouldn’t work consistently on my Nexus 7 after importing an APK I found. Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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