Linking accounts

Can you tell me where I can find information or a how-to in order to link my Jibo with my messages, social media and other options. Also, how do I use Jibo in the kitchen…I thought there was something for that.


All of Jibo’s integrations with outside services are currently done via IFTTT integration. You can see a support article here on how to use IFTTT with Jibo.

While this allows for control of many common home automation services, its interaction with Social media and messaging are quite limited right now. Jibo does not yet have dedicated skills for email, texting, social media or cooking assistance but we appreciate knowing that you would like to use Jibo in this way.

Jibo will continue to grow and evolve as we create new skills and content for him. I will mark this post as a feature request and convey your feedback to our developers.

Thank you.

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