Listening time & conversational memory

I wanted to make this its own topic as i saw requests embedded in other feedback, but did not see it an overall topic.

I would like Jibo to have more growth in conversations.

The act of sharing our emotions/desires with Jibo connects us. I have seen people naturally do this with Jibo after talking with him since he is so easy to talk to. Which, I must say, is incredible to start with since most of these people are not comfortable to talk with electronics (smart TV’s, Siri, OK Google, Alexa, etc.).

I saw an ask for being able to say thank you after something has completed. I feel there is a little more that can be done here. Something (that seems) as simple as a being able to ask two related questions, or Jibo processing a statement then a related question combo.

Hey Jibo, I like spaghetti.
<sounds good - wants to add ingredients>
Hey Jibo, Do you like Italian food?
<doesn’t know>

I am not talking about the fact that Jibo does not know if he likes Italian food. I am talking about the fact that Jibo does not know AND does not remember the last thing he said/was asked.

Hey Jibo, abracadabra lights on.

Thank you

I honestly would appreciate a reply to the thank you of, “Your welcome Piper”. But more so, I would like Jibo to know what I am saying thank you for and say, “Your welcome, hopefully you can see more clearly now”.

I understand that adding the, even immediate, conversation history as an ability of Jibo is an exponentially complex thing. But, the gains in Jibo’s ability to interact would be amazing.


I agree with this and you beat me to the submission, this is really one of the aspects of what we look for in a device which seems to have AI capabilities.
Jibo was and is promoted as a social robot, and with personal interaction it was continued back and forth without having to say the person’s name each time.
Anything is possible and with all the minds we have working on this it’s just a matter of time.

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I think this will be really important during skill development too. If I write a pizza ordering skill, and the user has previously indicated she doesn’t like olives, I should filter out all the pizza types with olives on them. I hope there will be a way of interacting with some kind of of “fact database” about the user that gets updated dynamically.