Looks like all Jibo-related repos were deleted (or made private) by Medialab

If you now search for “Jibo”, no repo appears anymore.

Did anybody download the the zip files of the items? Funnily enough I don’t think the Media Lab Github was ever returned in the searches I made, any idea when they went? But I’m not surprised its all been deleted, the lack of involvement by the former head of Jibo.Inc appears to be bordering on contempt for those who were kind enough to pay for the Jibo Research Project (Proof of Concept) whilst providing the Media Lab with unlimited hardware and software at the expense of the investors.

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Do you know the name of any of the archives? There is the SAR-Robot project and associated but I am not able to find direct jibo previous references?

This used to be a valid link:


is this what you guys are looking for?