Maintaining a consistant charactor


I was working on a skill for Jibo when I had a bit of a thought…

It’s quite clear from the videos of Jibo that you’ve put up on the website and even going back to the first video promo that you have a specific personality for Jibo in mind. And I think it’s brilliant. Then I think of a bunch of developers, folks that spend their days coding and while there are sure to be exceptions, the vast majority are probably not the type you would hire to work on Jibo’s social abilities. Even if that weren’t an issue, having hundreds of developers building skills and adding dialog, it’s going to be very difficult for them to not impart differing personalities in to Jibo.

So what might be a workable solution?..

I think the best way to handle this would be to have all developed skills pass through a team of “Personality Experts” at Jibo who would build the appropriate dialog around a developer’s skill. The dev would provide a baseline and story board of sorts and then it would get “Jiboized” before making it in to the Jibo store.

Now some might have an issue with this, but I for one would welcome the assist.

I’d love to hear others thoughts on this.



@codemonkey2k5 Our Style Guides (Speech, Design, and Brand) help guide you to write dialog that aligns with Jibo’s character. These guides will continue to be updated in future releases of the SDK. We are still defining our QA guidelines for Skill Store submissions to ensure skills maintain Jibo’s character and we will share these with our developer community as they become available.