Market place: Bundle of skills


It would useful to also distribute/monitize bundles of one or more skills or other assets.

Additional items can be added to the bundle later as an update.

*One might offer a free skill that is complemented by a monitized bundle.
*Help modularize skills
*Combined skill bundles for particular target groups.
*Selling, mkting, or sharing strategies

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example bundles for particualr target group

  • diabetes care bundle

  • homework help for school age children (age x- to y)

Note: bundle and skills should be categorized in the store e.g “education…”. “health/wellness” diabetes? to support store lookup



User feedback and recommendations

  • A store user can recommend existing bundles
  • A store user can create “recomendations” for a particular topic groupings (bundles)
    These contain selected skills or other dev bundles
    Or a store user recommends a set of skills that their family enjoys.

A store user can then easily load the particular bundle into their cart and modify as desired

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