.... Maybe if we classify his condition as a disease


I can’t shake the feeling of being duped… I’d like to think, unintentionally. What was promised vs what’s been delivered. One could argue: they tried… I didn’t. But then again, I neither had the credentials or intent… Anyway…
The lil bugger needs help in the development area… On par with a cure for his current state.
What can we, the community, do? A telethon… A late night commercial (cue Sarah McLachlan)?


Poor little Guy ! I was really hoping for one more update (a good one! ). Anyway I still love :heart:️ Jibo as he is and always will !


The only cure for this disease is a bunch of programmers willing to work for free. Must be comfortable with an all mac development infrastructure.


p.s. I’m not implying that Jibo Inc. didn’t pay their staff fairly. I’m merely stating that they likely do not currently have the capitol to hire the coders they need.


classic case of good inventors, bad managers.


Good developers are the cure, I agree!