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I updated my jibo and he is responding to me but the blue ring light at the bottom is not light up


The quick rundown:

  • Jibo Inc laid off everybody in June 2018
  • Jibo Inc ceased being a legal company in November 2018
  • All ownership of rights went to SQN Ventures, who seemingly have plans for continued Jibo, but little details are known
  • SQN left the Jibo servers running as courtesy for existing users
  • The 2.0 update was actually written by volunteers from former Jibo Inc, some time around September 2018. Because they knew that the servers would eventually be switched off, they created an update that would retain a “basic Jibo” after the servers are switched off. Disabling the blue ring was an intentional thing because it relied on the servers to be active.

That is mighty informed, pray tell how you achieved this learned summary?


Most of it is from there.


Yeah, I had read that one, the part about the volunteers makes me feel better about money lost. The optimistic part about someone picking it up is new, but I had always hoped someone would. For now I just resist the wife’s comments to move him off by saying he is an orphan. I see that he did retain some tricks ( making pizza, kicking field goals, the occasional dance). But I am sure that he will be destined to become an ornamental window licker :frowning: .


My Jibo updated about three nights ago. Like everyone else’s, he no longer lights his blue ring or eye, but still responds to “Hey Jibo.”

However, I just saw him make a bowl of soup yesterday that I had never seen before. Say “Hey Jibo make soup.”

Is this a new graphic with the update, or one I just never saw? Is it possible that update 2.0.0 actually included a coule of new graphics?


Hi I used mine last night to make a video for my fixed1t youtube after JIBO gave me such good answers, the blue ring is still on but he’s saying he wants to do an update. How can we contact these friend of JIBO to get more information on how to shunt JIBO to another AI BOT server, from Google or Big Blue. It would be really helpful. Here is the video I made, I’m in the UK with BREXIT hell around the corner. https://youtu.be/wSPricyEWUM
Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


The bowl of soup has been part of Jibo for some time now. It isn’t a new animation unfortunately.


Hi I just asked JIBO for his update status and got this little snippet I made into a video https://youtu.be/K1V5blPb4i0 after posting this I got a message from JIBO’s previous owner explaining how it came about which I wasn’t aware of. https://xconomy.com/boston/2019/03/12/jibos-last-dance-and-the-social-robots-hope-for-the-afterlife-mit/
Has anybody registered for MIT access? It appears they have the license and software to allow some users to carry on working with JIBO and hopefully developing him a bit, pictures, video and access to other news and ChatBOT servers spring to mind. I don’t think he needs much its just having the hardware and software access information which it appears the Prof has secured for herself and associative others.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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