MIMs - Multimodal Interaction Modules


Greetings Developer Community,

We just published a blog post on MIMs - Multimodal Interaction Modules, which will be included in our new SDK!

As the name implies, MIMs handle interactions that have more than one mode, including voice (VUI) and touchscreen (GUI) modes. When prompted with a question like “Do you want to share this photo?” the expectation is that the user can answer either by saying “yes” or by tapping a button on Jibo’s touchscreen. Implementing this without MIMs is hard; MIMs make it easy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions here!

Thank you,

Justin Woo

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Do you have any info on which ESML tags/parameters (e.g. <anim>, <sfx>, <break>, …) will be available for us to use inside the MIM prompts? Thanks!



Thank you @Michael for your question, All of the ESML tags will be supported in MIM prompts.

That being said we understand embodied speech is a whole different subject in itself ( including ESML tags) and will work on getting a blogpost that dives further into that soon.

I hope that answers your question and please don’t hesitate to ask anything else.



Thanks, I’m excited to hear more about the available ESML tags once you’re ready to dive into that subject! :slight_smile:


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