MrMobile YouTube Review of Jibo


There’s a pretty good review of Jibo at this location:

Btw, I really wish the people who post these things on Jibo’s Reddit would come over to this forum to post them here as well.


Great review…
Interesting how when the reviewer asked why didn’t Jibo Inc team up with Google or Amazon., They wanted to concentrate on the social aspect of the robot. Oddly enough teaming up with either of those two would’ve done exactly that,given them the breathing room to continue working on the social aspect of the robot while having his functionality essentially covered…
People are used to ads… and probably would accept that option if it meant a smarter robot.


I hope Jibo Inc fixes its problems soon. That transparent Jibo shell looks cool!


Dead-on accurate review.


If I were them I would definitely allow them some sort of ‘rights’ to Jibo so hopefully it would turn the heat back on the stove gain, if you get what I’m saying. A tech giant snatching up a Jibo would be like injecting a frail old man with heart pumping steroids :wink: