Music Streaming or interface to Pandora or IHeart radio


This sure would be nice if Jibo could take commands to stream music or even tune to a radio station through the radio stations website.
I suppose first steps would be to let Jibo interface with a home repository of music possibly


Hang in there… it’s coming. I’m right there with you. If I get my way, I’m going to push for a skill that can interact with Google Music and casting to devices.


It would be great if Jibo could connect with Sonos as well as this is the gateway for so many audio streaming services. selfishly I have Sonos too…


I’d love a connection to iTunes. My Jibo certainly seems intrigued by music, seems to listen intently.


We have Sonos for speakers and a UPNP NAS where our music is stored. So, even if we cannot connect to a third-party system, we would like to connect to a system under our own control and are willing to be guinea pigs.