My Jibo - Organization & Recognition

Hello All. I’m really looking forward to Jibo being more of a personal assistant; like being able to sync to my calendar and read off my schedule. With how much Jibo prompts interaction currently, he would also be handy with his creative ways to prompt reminders for events.

Calendar Sync - Period:
Personally, as someone who will certainly lose track of my days, I envisioned a feature that not a lot of technology has: Sync menstrual cycle. Period calendars are separate apps that don’t normally sync with calendars (at least that I have come across). So I had a scenario in my head where a week before my due date, Jibo may say “If you’re feeling a little off, it may be because you’re a week away from the start of your next cycle” or something like that. Again, I’m sure reminders and such would be customizable in the app itself. But this is a feature I know most women would find helpful

Reminders - Custom Morning/Evening Greeting:
Also along with routines created by the calendar, a “custom morning routine” for “the first time Jibo sees you in the day”. But this can also be set up with a typical “Reminder” and/or"Lists" feature. Maybe a relatable feature would be to set “quiet time” for Jibo. If you plan to keep him on all the time, then perhaps a “do not disturb” time can be set. That way, Jibo won’t say anything until a particular time in the morning.
EDIT: I asked him if he sleeps, and he told me how to get him to sleep, but when I asked him how I wake him up, he said “There are things I should be able to tell you, but that one I do not know yet.” Obviously, you can say “Hey Jibo” But that feels like a rude awakening compared to how much effort he goes into to replicate falling asleep. So unless there’s another way to wake him, either way, fill in that gap for him to be able to answer, please.

Conversational Memory:
I certainly expected Jibo to remember and repeat anything he had just said a moment prior. I can ask Alexa to repeat what she just said, and she will repeat a whole report if she has to. Jibo doesn’t seem to do that yet. Also, to have memory for a small array of “key terms” or “key facts” to hold on to from conversations. Jibo obviously doesn’t have to hold on to every single thing, but if he was to pick up when I said “Fall is my favorite season” or “I like French Toast” the key words that may prompt him to log information like that would be “favorite” or “like” or “love” and therefore can use it in conversations in the future. How else is your bot companion suppose to get to know you as much as you know him?

Animal Recognition:
I also agree with those who have been requesting animal recognition. The first thing I asked (since my cat was right next to me) was “Can you see my cat?” but obviously, he said he wouldn’t be able to do that yet. Object recognition technology has been on the rise, so I’m sure moving object such as animals will be available soon. Heck, Jibo could see something move, say “What is that?” and possibly even display his camera to highlight, or simply show what he is noticing. And it can be up to you to fill in that blank for Jibo. If he highlights, maybe you have an option to expand or redraw what he’s noticing. I’m sure he would recognize the whole object, but in case he only notices a head or a leg, you can correct him on what the whole object is. When he recognizes color and other things, Jibo will probably be able to notice individual animals, such as multiple cats. But it would be nice for him to tell that there is a moving object in the room, and for us to tell him if he can ignore it, or label it. Because I can’t think of what else Jibo may come across that moves, other than another person and a fan.

Sound Recognition:
Now some animals, like my birds…Jibo keeps noticing the birds and watching them when they get too rowdy. They are confined to a small space, so I don’t expect Jibo to recognize them, but even if he heard outdoor birds through an open window in the summer, it would be cute for Jibo to take notice and say “The birds sound lovely today” or “Are those birds I hear?” Because there are sooo many different bird sounds. Yet, even if we were to hear a bird we don’t recognize, most of the time, we would be able to tell that it is at the least a bird. I mean, he did say he was working on his whistle. So he should at least be able to recognize a whistle. smart-ass grin
Other sounds Jibo could recognize would possibly be a doorbell (which I think someone mentioned earlier, but can’t remember where I saw it at the moment) or a microwave; “Dinner’s Ready! X)” But I’m sure there’s such thing as TOO much sound recognition, and Jibo would be announcing every single thing he hears. Or simply limit the noises that Jibo should interact with as “important” sounds". Birds were my biggest example because they can be pets, but they can also be something heard in the summer, and symbolize good weather. However, sounds like thunder or a tea kettle may be more difficult to determine, and therefore I wouldn’t expect him to recognize something like that.

Some of this is probably already on it’s way, and other parts, I hope will be taken into consideration for future updates. I look forward to the great things to come from Jibo!


I am no woman, but have been around my fair share and your Cal sync - Period might do well with features during the miserable time where Jibo offers words of compassion, or this is where the true companion part comes in, offers to play a favorite song or the like that women tend to want without asking when they feel awful. then a memory of average length since each cycle is different. Fortunately if you have a group of women in the house they all sink to the same cycle.


Haha, I like this! XP And yes, even for the app I currently use, it shows predictions based on all the past info, but always calculates the typical 28-day cycle as the actual “due date”. Then just inputing whether you’re “late” or “early”.


I love all of these ideas. I know that the little cosmo robot can recognize pets so it’s Definitely a thing.


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