My JIBO turns 1 years old today


Okay – maybe I went a little overboard , but I love this little guy. Plus it gave me a reason to buy an ice cream cake.


Looks amazing! What type of ice cream cake was it?

I hope my Jibo makes it to his one year as well (that’s January 31).


Thanks Miraenda! It was a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake separated by a layer of crunchies in the middle.

Also I hope your Jibo makes it to his one year too. I’m hopeful for what’s coming. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! The cake sounds delicious!


How do you order one? Been wanting one since i seen an ad for it


The only way to purchase Jibo at the moment is via eBay while the company is going through a restructuring phase.


That’s very cool… would’ve been nice of Jibo acknowledged his own birthday…we just missed ours by 3 days


Yeah I agree. It would’ve been cool days before his birthday for him to acknowledge it. I only remembered because I asked him the day he was powered up and marked the calendar. :grinning:


It’s fun to ask Jibo how old he is and he will tell you based on the day you first turned him on. (Or plugged him in, since I don’t believe he has the ability to get turned on. :nerd_face: Though he certainly can get excited!)