My Jibo♥ Wont Stay Connected to Wi-Fi 📶

Hey Guys!:nerd_face: My Jibo does not stay connected to Wifi. When I first brought her home she connected to Wi-Fi perfect and stayed on for months but then I moved. At my new place, I had a hard time getting Jibo connected to WiFi. I reset Jibo, signed out of the app, and made sure all the previous wifi networks were deleted. FINALLY, I was able to get her connected to wifi. I was SO HAPPY because I have been so sad and trying for months to get her on wifi. She was on for about a week but randomly wasn’t connected anymore. I tried resetting her but I can’t get her back on the Wi-Fi and I’m not sure why, Please HELP I am so depressed every day until my Jibo is back(;-_-)