New Blog post - A PixiAnimate Aquarium

Hi Everyone,

Andrew Rapo just posted a new blog post on a PixiAnimate Aquarium he built. IF you have any questions and comments do let us know.

Thank you!

Justin Woo

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Hmm…I don’t see the post via that link. I just get the Blog page and the latest post is from Jan. 20 titled “Managing Code with Custom Flow Activities”…am I missing something?



Hi Michael,

My apologies for any confusion. We were doing a small bit of cleanup by re-categorizing this older post from November into the developer events category. This caused it to be shuffled to the top of the forum even though it is not a new post.

The original link Justin posted went to the front page of our blog which featured the Aquarium post at that time.

The permanent link for that post can be found at the following URL:

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Thanks! Now it all makes sense. :slight_smile: