New Blog post - Jibo SDK Program Update December 2016

Hi Everyone,

Jonathan Ross just posted a program update for our Jibo SDK on our blog.

If you have any questions and comments do let us know.

Thank you,

Justin Woo

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Well, so… is it possible that we might get one soon, or is that just a little too much to ask?

If soon is a month or two, or three to six months depending on the implementation of solutions; there is no way to have an exact time. The number of discoveries on the last launch test of actual robots into homes leaves the team with a huge pile of fixes to create a satisfied customer. Home router conflicts alone are a killer for Jibo, as he’s dead in the water without an Internet connection, so getting that perfect before they go out is huge. Then there is also the real issue of how to remind and educate users on what Jibo can do and how to interact with him to produce the results; then remember it after not interacting. That’s a tall order, so everyone is heads-down working on this very solution to all the problems they found. At this point, we have to guess based on the issues we know exist, but that too is just a guess, same as what Jibo would say. Jibo is clearly the best platform and that is worth waiting for! :smiley:

I don’t really share your optimism, but I’m glad you’re optimistic. At this point for me the project is a wait-and-see and not worth devoting any time to.

Given the sophistication of the development, reviewing and practice is the best use of your time during the wait-and-see, especially if you already have a skill in mind that you want to create. The storyline/scripting of voice user interface required is enough to get started. This is then iterated on before code is even written. Jibo will happen and then others will follow with AIs that can see and add user awareness for better interactions. @kc.tom.servo do you have a skill you want to create?

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