New Blog post - Prototyping Interactions With a Woz Skill

Hi Everyone,

Andrew Rapo just posted a new blog post on Prototyping Interactions With a Woz Skill.

If you have any questions and comments do let us know.

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Justin Woo


This is great stuff…learning how to remote control Jibo some really cool potential applications, apart from using it for fast iteration during development.

With just a little adjustment, for example, this could allow a security skill to send a notification to a family member with a link to remote control Jibo’s view and find what triggered the notification.

Very cool! Cheers to Andrew for putting this together!


Thanks for a very detailed and interesting blog post. Woz support will certainly help interaction design - I like the idea to include not just a dev team but anyone to understand the interactions.
Just in time for the weekend for more careful reading.

@michael - I assume that this port is normally locked down and devs have a way to open it just for testing, not for end-users… or did I misunderstand you - you have keen insights :wink: Anyways, it’s not a blog post about security, so I won’t go further until that’s covered :wink:

Yes, I would think the same. To create and publish a skill that uses that specific port, or another dedicated port for your skill, you’d likely have to get special approval from the Jibo store. I wonder if they’ll open a port on dev versions of Jibo for something like Andrew’s post describes.