New Blog post - Using The Menu Flow Activity

Hi Everyone,

Andrew Rapo just posted a new blog post on Using The Menu Flow Activity. If you have any questions and comments do let us know.

Thank you!

Justin Woo


Thank you all for the article - helps to understand the menu building possibilities.
Some feedback.

  1. It would be helpful to mention how that JSON configuration file will be generated. I’m assuming there’s a tool to build/update the those menu options…

  2. I’ve seen that we can build up MIM based menus (MIM.Question) when designing flows, in for example, the Menu described in the Flows - Dungeon example. Now given the “menu” flow component, I’m trying to sort it all out especially since a MIM can display selection options as well. I wonder how to approach “menu” flows considering these options. Perhaps a future blog post sorts out these design options.

Thanks for the flow of ideas :wink:


Also interested in the MIM based menus @bmulreni

N-Joy your day !

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