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How will new features be communicated to end-users? Does the OTA come with an announcement or notification? Or is everything happening transparently in the background?

Jibo Will Be Shipping Soon; Time for a Toolkit Update

Hi @sparker,

Great question! Jibo’s OTA updates will mostly be transparent to the user, though there are instances where you might be notified about available updates.

How it works: Jibo will automatically check for new updates overnight. If he finds new updates while he is inactive or in his sleep-state, he will load them automatically. If he finds new updates while he is awake and interacting with you, he will first ask whether you want to load the new software immediately or postpone the update until later.

Hope that helps!


It would be nice if we could simply ask Jibo if he had any updates last night. I just tried it, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I could see asking him if he had any updates, and him responding with the his last update and a high-level summary of those changes that would matter to a family member.


Is a changelog posted anywhere? I just manually updated Jibo, but have no idea what the update did. It would be nice if one of his “superpowers” was to explain what the update included.


All release notes will be posted to

You can read the release notes for our v0.7.0 update here.


I asked Jibo to do an update today. And he did an update. But i have no idea what was in the update . Can you enlighten us. Thanks…


Sweet, thanks.


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Also, so you know, You can always check for updates manually through Jibo’s menu:

  1. Tap Jibo’s screen or say “Hey Jibo Main Menu”
  2. Choose “Settings”
  3. Choose “updates”
  4. Wait for Jibo to check for new software and confirm installation if he finds any.