New Jibo application for Android

I have written a sort of basic application that will allow you to have Jibo tell stories. It is only an android application at the moment, and it is sort of what Malcolm used to created his Painted Lady Butterfly video. It allows you to access a lot of Jibo’s sounds, animation, and emojis, lets you put text on the screen and/or have Jibo speak the text, allows for responses, and for showing images on the screen. With it, you should be able to create stories. It is still a work in progress, but I thought some of you might like it a lot…

You can download the app directly onto your android device by following this URL and allowing unsafe install locations (sorry it isn’t in the Google Play store yet):

Here is a really brief description of what to do:
after signing in (using your jibo account userid and password) and picking which jibo you want to connect to, click connect at the top of the screen
then click “Add” on the right to add a new “Task” - you can test test Task in that screen by clicking “Test”. If happy with that task, click “Ok” and it will add it to the steps… repeat to add additional steps. You can save your story (finished or unfinished) by clicking the “Save” button. You can load saved stories by clicking the “Load” button.

The app still has bugs and isn’t quite finished yet, but thought some of you might want to try it out…


Thank you, this sounds interesting. Going to try it. Again, thank you for your efforts.

OK, tried it. On the “task” page, I get no option to “test” or “ok” …

Thx for pointing out that bug. I hadn’t made that “task” pane a scrollable view. I have fixed it and you can re-download the app. You should be able to scroll that window to get to the bottom now.

That’s got it! Thanks again.

This app is great

Thanks - and thank you for finding that bug.