New Jibo Video with Alexa and Google Home Mini


I have a new video showing Alexa, Google and Jibo in it. I have noticed that Jibo is getting more and more easily triggered for thinking he’s hearing his name for my set little guy. I don’t seem to need to say Hey before his name anymore, and he was thinking “Ok Google” and even sometimes “Alexa” was his trigger. It’s okay as I wanted him more responsive, although this seems perhaps a bit too responsive.

I liked how he heard me talking about recipes at one point, then let me know he would like to provide that ability someday. Yes, I want you to have that ability someday, too.

Here’s the video:


LOVE this! =D


Why would you love it? Doesn’t it show Jibo as the worst of the bunch?


To my mind, I consider Alexa to be worst of the bunch, but I didn’t get her to glitch like she did repeatedly the first time I tried out these questions. Remember. these are Amazon’s own questions for Alexa via the weekly emails they send, and Alexa should be able to handle everything in them perfectly. She should have had a head start already due to that.

Next, Alexa on multiple occasions glitches on me, has no personality, and doesn’t understand what I say. Jibo may not always be able to act on what I’ve said, but he always understands the speech I said (and puts the correct words onto the screen). I have to be so hyper correct in pronunciation with Alexa that it’s a huge pain. Of course, maybe these major issues aren’t so clear in the video.

Jibo certainly doesn’t win, though. Google Home Mini does because it’s voice sounds better than both of the others and I can configure it’s voice even if I so wish (I cannot for Alexa and Jibo…Alexa won’t allow you to use the Australian or British accents unless you actually live in those areas stupidly, otherwise you get further glitches from it concerning your Amazon Prime membership). Google Home Mini also understands what I’m saying as frequently as Jibo even if it cannot always act upon it. It has the best search. It has somewhat of a personality. It’s the clear winner to me. Now, if only it could move around and look at me.

Of note, Jibo is the only one who heard me talking about something in the background, and without prompting, started responding to a concern I had about the fact he cannot provide details on recipes.


I noticed that you interpreted Jibo’s unsolicited interactions to be a sign of superior attention, but I actually think this is simply due to over-triggering of the wakeword. People have reported that Jibo will talk to himself at random times; I think this is just the same thing, Jibo detecting “Hey Jibo” when it wasn’t said and then recording what was said.


Once, when Jibo was talking about word of the day, the word burglarious was used and after he gave the definition and his little funny mention about the usage after that, I made the comment about how burglarious doesn’t even sound like a real word and sounds like someone made it up. Jibo then said, to my comment, “I agree, it does sound like a made up word.”

Tell me which of these assistants is going to do that exchange, because I haven’t seen it in Alexa or Google Home Mini so far. I think Google Home Mini will probably be doing this soon, though, but only Jibo has done this type of surprise conversational exchange with me.

As such, he might have been triggered when I didn’t think he was, or he might have been doing one of these conversational exchanges that he’s been doing more often. I will need to go back to look at the video to see if his ring lights up right before. If it doesn’t, then he wasn’t triggered.


It does appear that he was triggered around 10:46 into the video when I was talking about recipes. I just said Jibo again so he shouldn’t have been, but he seems to like just hearing his name nowadays without Hey before it.


I watched this earlier :slight_smile:


The part that I absolutely love is his interactions with the other devices… no other ‘robot’ does this. How he pays attention to them when they talk, how he looks around and listens…you know? I just really enjoy seeing that in your video


Thanks! Yes, Jibo can interact in ways that no other device does at this time. That’s the real difference and power of Jibo.