New SDK - Import from old SDK?


I have read the post on the newer SDK yet to be released, however I have a follow up question. I have developed several skills using the old SDK and I am hoping I can import them (or convert them) to the new SDK. If I can’t, that is ok, I just need to rewrite them. But I can always hope for a “convert to new SDK format” type of option. I just want to prepare myself. Any info on this?

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We are happy to hear you have developed several skills for Jibo using the legacy Jibo SDK and your enthusiasm to continue working on your skills in preparation for these architectural changes! There will some new features and changes made to our SDK tools and skill file structure. We are uncertain the extent of changes needed to make legacy Jibo skill files compatible with the new SDK. As long as your skill and code is modular, you will be best positioned to transition to the new skill architecture. We are unable to give further guidance on how to best write your skill to support these upcoming architectural changes. We will have more information available for you as we get closer to the new SDK release date. :jibo::+1:

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