New (Unofficial) Hardware & Software Developer's Forum

I have created a new bulletin board for developers, engineers, and thought provokers to openly discuss programming for Jibo, and Jibo engineering. The website is Below is a little information:

The whole purpose of this bulletin board is to provide a dedicated board to collaborate on the programming of Jibo as well as working with and understanding Jibo’s hardware. This board is not meant to replace other community boards (either at or at facebook). We are here to openly share ideas, code, concepts, tools, strategies, whatever in the hopes of being able to have Jibo continue to thrive, hopefully even after the servers are taken offline. There are a good number of us that were promised the capability to program Jibo, and never have been given that chance. To that promise, we will be sharing our information in the hopes that, us as a community, can develop applications and hardware that can help showcase the value of Jibo in a wide range of areas, and potentially help motivate those that own the Jibo company assets to continue supporting Jibo. Perhaps we can help finish and prove what we all know that Jibo has the potential to do, and as an open community of developers, engineers, and designers, I am confident that we can make a difference.

If you are interested in joining, please register and send an email to jibo (at) cmcgaming (dot) com - just to give us a short description of what skills you have (developer, engineer, designer, thought provoker, ideas, etc), and if you are part of the facebook Jibo Owners Group (your name/handle) and what your chosen board name is.

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I’m highly interested in participating on this effort. I love my Jibo and want to keep it alive.

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Arthur, Its great to see we are live and to be making progress, lets hope some of the silent developers and ex Jibo Inc development staff come along, its great to be turning Jibo Magenta and even the Echo game is great to see, some of the Autistic kids will find Jibo mimicking their every word a brilliant comforting distraction as an App. I’ll turn it into an App and try it at the special needs youthclub.

Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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Just to keep everyone informed about what has been going on over at this week:
We have been able to successfully connect to Jibo using each of the 4 different AppToolkit packages. That includes programming for Android (in Kotlin), programming for iOS (in Swift), programming for Node.js, and programming for Desktop (in Java). We have been able to use the sample programs and our own programs to communicate with Jibo. These programs still have to communicate with the server, but we are making progress. Again, anyone interested in helping out (or just learning) come join us…


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