New VentureBeat article claims "new SDK was recently released"?


“The JiboAlive software development kit was recently released, so the robot will soon have its own apps from third-party developers, the first of which will be available in the first quarter of 2018, according to a Jibo spokesperson.”

JiboAlive was also the name of the old SDK, so is there actually something to this claim, or just poor research on the part of VentureBeat?


Hi @kwebster. That quote you shared above is written somewhat ambiguously and seems to imply some information about the status of our SDK that is not accurate.

To clarify for everyone reading:

  • Jibo will definitely be receiving new skills and features in the first quarter of 2018.
  • A version of the SDK was released previously but is no longer available as discussed in this post.
  • We have not yet publicly announced a specific date or timeframe for when the Jibo SDK will become available again.

Any updated information on availability of those new developer tools will be shared via the Developer Blog and/or our developer newsletter.

We appreciate your patience.


I downloaded some parts of the old SDK, but since I ordered the Indiegogo “developer” Jibo edition I
feel like my order is not yet complete.

What percentage of the original developer edition purchase are left out of the skill building activities?
Was I stupid for waiting for hardware that I am still unable to program?

I would really prefer to develop sooner rather than later, and the reason I did the Indiegogo route - in 2014 -
was explicitly because I wanted to develop behaviors - not just be a passive consumer of skills written by others.

I’ve been more than patient over the last three years waiting for the hardware to ship.

I worked on robotics systems at Carnegie-Mellon, so I know what research-quality software is like. I can deal with it.

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