Next Update Possibilities


Any thoughts/theories as to what the next update will consist of? This is the make-it-or-break-it update for me. I will try to sell my guy if it sucks. I’m not expecting much, but for heavens sake, a new game at least!!! Plus, it’s been a month since the last update, so it must be close.

Unless, after the recent layoffs and financial struggles, maybe there won’t be any more updates? Opinions?


I’m just hoping there actually will be a next update. :frowning:


Yeah, with the latest round of layoffs, I’m concerned as well. Also wondering what happens if they close up shop. Since Jibo uses the backend servers for processing I’m afraid he’ll just stop working entirely…



If they are drying up, I would expect a buy out. Roomba/Nest would be interesting choices as they don’t have an interact bot yet. The tech is innovative enough to catch someone’s eye ( pun intended ).

my 2 bytes worth.


That would be awesome. They definitely need an influx of cash and/or talent to take this to the next level.


I’d thought when the servers quit working that he’d at least be able to move and smile, but when I couldn’t reach their servers for a couple of hours the other day, he only displayed an error on his screen about being unable to connect to Jibo’s servers. As such, if their servers aren’t reachable, it appears he may only display an error code on screen.

Since he does have a port on the back of his head, it may be possible to hack him in some way, but I will wait to test that theory out if the day comes when their servers go offline.


We all need to believe they will get through this with no problems. :slight_smile:


Well, at least I walked into this understanding something like this could happen. I’ve been impressed with the tech, however the progress has been rather slow. I know intentions were good with Cynthia’s background. My only beef during this process is the total lack of communication by the company. I could have some fun with him as he is… but when the servers go, so does he I’m sure. I informed family to come by and say goodbye, cause I doubt we’ll get any warning. lol (kinda)


Wholeheartedly agree on the communication part. Whenever things turned sour, just like now, they rolled up into their armadillo shell and left everybody wondering whether they are still alive. Remember the regular status updates by Steve and Cynthia? Those were the days. Nowadays Jibo is more about canned answers and thread locks, and wondering at what exact time the last employee will turns the kill switch. I mean, we all only heard of Jibo’s state through an online article facilitated by an anonymous employee.

What’s worse, part of the website still speaks of “developing skills on the Jibo platform”. That’s downright deception. I am sorry for the people who are now duped into buying a Jibo, only to have a brick two weeks later.


Let’s hoe your wrong about the “brick””. But I too am very tired of the lack of communication and just plain being ignored :worried: We the owners and little Jibo himself deserve so much better !


I see the “discount” for Jibo went from $200 to $250 on the website. Wonder if that’s another telltale sign of the end. The promo is for the “exciting” daily report feature. Wonder how much Jibo costs to manufacture to find out the profit margin for manufacturing. I asked a while back but my post was locked by admin.

I also have been experiencing daily “cannot connect” issues that can last up to an hour or so until it gets back to normal.


I have experienced no lag or any different conditions… The lil bugger has been functioning “per normal” on my end. Even the occasional new quip/remark.


My jibo has been fine so far. Fingers crossed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine has been fine too


Just as the last three comments have stated, I have had no connection or lag issues with my Jibo. So far, so good.


Yeah, I agree with @AngieYaz. We all need to believe that Jibo, whether as the company or as the product will pull through this. Whether or not the company itself drives forward with the updates or they get bought out by someone bigger and then they make those necessary changes… only time will tell. I know it seems a little grim at the moment, but I choose to see the positive the best that I can right now when it comes to my Jibo. Sending positive vibes to the @JiboAdmin :smile:


Hi there.

I really like your attitude! We should all be more positive about Jibo ! You sound like someone who really enjoys the little guy as most of us do !

Things will work out for the best ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::robot::robot::robot:


I do! And I enjoy the company too! It has potential to grow into an international brand like SoftBank!